What does a Chemical Engineer do?

  • Design and invent new processes and products.
  • Design and Construct instrument/equipment/plant.
  • Plan and operate facilities/plant.
  • Conducts research to develop an improved manufacturing process.
  • Provides safety measures for those working with dangerous chemicals and environment.
  • Helps in managing world's resources.
  • Protect the environment by providing health and safety standards.

Career Opportunities for Chemical Engineers

  • Chemical manufacturing units, Textiles, Paints
  • Fertilizer units, Pulp & paper, Cement units
  • Scientific research and development services
  • Resin, synthetic rubber, and artificial synthetic fibers and filaments manufacturing
  • Petroleum refinery and coal product manufacturing
  • Biotechnology and Nanotechnology
  • Health-care industries/Pharmaceutical units
  • Waste minimization and cleaner production
  • Food Manufacturing unites
  • Government sectors
  • Environmental consultancy services
  • Certified safety professional


Shift Intake

Core Curriculum:

Semester 8

  • 2180502 - Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals Download
  • 2180503 - Process Modeling Simulation and Optimization Download
  • 2180505 - Multi Component Distillation Download

Semester 6

  • 3160002 - Contributor Personality Development Program Download
  • 3160501 - Mass Transfer Operations II Download
  • 3160506 - Chemical Reactions Engineering I Download
  • 3160510 - Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals Download
  • 3160513 - Waste Water Engineering Download

Semester 4

  • 3140503 - Heat Transfer Download
  • 3140507 - Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II Download
  • 3140508 - Unit Processes and Chemical Technology Download
  • 3140509 - Pollution control and safety Management Download
  • 3140510 - Numerical Methods in Chemical Engineering Download

Semester 1

  • 3110001 - Chemistry Download
  • 3110003 - Programming for Problem Solving Download
  • 3110004 - Basic Civil Engineering Download
  • 3110005 - Basic Electrical Engineering Download
  • 3110006 - Basic Mechanical Engineering Download
  • 3110014 - Mathematics I Download
  • 3110017 - Induction Program Download
  • Jigna Patel

Hod's Message

Chemical engineering department has been established in 2017. I feel pride to have experienced and young buddies on the field to work with, which is a wealth of expertise to maintain a vibrant teaching-learning and industry-oriented research environment. The department has been established with a vision to cater the upcoming need of industries in coming days. I believe to encourage each and every students engaged in the field of chemical engineering to be a witness of Industrial growth and to develop them industry ready. Seminars, Guest lectures, Webinars, Industrial visits, Tech fest, and Project fair are organized frequently to sharpen their technical skills. Department is having fully equipped laboratories which is a prime need to transform theoretical knowledge of students in to experimental variations with doubt solving capabilities. Department is actively involved in various research activities and start ups that shows gesture in developing entrepreneurship among the young engineers. I feel immense pleasure to welcome you in Chemical Engineering Department and wishing you all wonderful learning journey ahead !!


Jigna Patel, Head and Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering Department

Jigna Patel
Assistant Professor and Head of the departmant
jigna.bait@bmefcolleges.edu.in B.E. (Chemical Engineering), M.E. (Environmental Engineering)
Irshita Patel
Assistant Professor
irshita.bait@bmefcolleges.edu.in B.E. (Chemical Engineering), M.E. (Polymer Engineering)
Riya Shah
Assistant Professor
riya.bait@bmefcolleges.edu.in B.E. (Chemical Engineering), M.E. (Chemical Engineering)
Pooja Gandhi
Assistant Professor
poojagandhi.bait@bmefcolleges.edu.in B.E. (Chemical engineering), M.E. (Chemical engineering)

Laboratory of Process heat transfer

Following equipments are available for performance of experiments of Process heat transfer:

  • Heat transfer through composite wall
  • Heat transfer through lagged pipe
  • Shell and tube heat exchanger
  • Finned tube heat exchanger
  • Thermal conductivity of metal rod
  • Heat transfer through forced convection
  • Emissivity measurement apparatus
  • Stefan boltzmann’s apparatus


Laboratory of Mechanical operations

Laboratory of Mechanical operations is well established with following equipments:

  • Sieve shaker
  • Vibrating screens
  • Jaw crusher
  • Roller crusher
  • Ball mill
  • Hammer mill
  • Cyclone separator
  • Plate and frame filter press
  • Froth flotation cell


Laboratory of Mass transfer operations

Following equipments are available for performance of experiments of Mass transfer operations:

  • Simple batch distillation
  • Batch crystallizer
  • Vapour in air diffusion
  • Natural draft tray dryer
  • Force draft tray dryer
  • Experimental water cooling tower
  • Vapour liquid equilibrium setup


Laboratory of Instrumentation and process control

Following equipments are available for performance of experiments of Instrumentation and process control:

  • Characteristics of control valve (Equal and linear percentage
  • Dead weight pressure gauge tester
  • Computerized closed loop pressure control system
  • Computerized closed loop level control system
  • Computerized closed loop temperature control system
  • Two tank (Interacting) system
  • Two tank (Non - Interacting) system

Coming soon...

Maitri Jariwala, Young researcher


Maitri Jariwala is a student of Chemical Engineering Department at Bhagwan Arihant Institute of Technology. She is involved in research based activities with STAR (Space technology and Aeronautical rocketry), an educational and research based startup that aims to make space travel commercial by building launch vehicles for small satellites. At present she is working on project named PHONEIX- XLS Experimental Launch Vehicle. XLS is India’s first 3-D printed model rocket having under-mentioned features:-

  • 3-D printed launch station
  • Flight computer controlled
  • Non-pyrotechnic parachute ejection
  • Thrust vector control
  • Real time data transmission
  • Wireless ignition
  • CanSat launcher
  • Motor class G
  • Lift off capacity 150 grams


Chemical Engineering Department won 1st prize in Class decoration


Chemical Engineering Department won 1st prize in Inter Departmental Class decoration competition held on 9th October 2018 at Bhagwan Arihant Institute of Technology. By collective efforts of the students they achieved the success. Congratulations to the team Chem2017.


Chemical Engineering girls won 3rd prize in Rangoli Competition in Spandan 2018


Maitri Jariwala and Kelvina Butani won 3rd prize in rangoli competition in Spandan 2018 for their excellent message. Congratulations girls. Keep it up !!!