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    26th July 2019, Friday


Students were passing through the several security checking procedures, reached at aircraft parking beside main runway (2.9 km) near Air India maintenance room. A technician from Air India interacted with them for one and half hours giving them information about parts of aircraft, fuel trucks, pushback truck, runway terminologies and wind direction identifying device.They watched several outer parts of an Indigo flight parked over there. The technician gave Them information about landing gear retraction mechanism, cockpit controls, pitot static probes, powerplant and its parts,  wingtips, fuel tanks, windscreen and its wipers, comparison between turboprop, turbofan and turbojet engine etc.students also discussed about scopes found in aviation industry and current issues related to aviation.Students also visited airport building and Air Traffic Control tower where they got knowlege about ETC to Fligth communication device and communicate with aircraft pilot during landing-takeoff condition  Etc.