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    17th January 2019, Thursday

  • News Title

    17th January 2019, Thursday

Industrial visit to Spectrum dyes and Chemical Ltd.

Co- ordinator: Prof. Jigna Patel (Head of Chemical Engineering Department)

                         Prof. Irshita Patel (Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering Department)

Participants: Second year students of Chemical Engineering department

Purpose: To gain practical knowledge of Dyes & Intermediates

Spectrum dyes and chemicals Ltd is one of the largest producers of Disperse dyes in India located at Palsana, Surat, Gujarat. They had started operation in the year 1991. Spectrum’s wide inventory of over 150 dyes, places it amongst one of the very few manufacturers catering to almost all commercially available Disperse Dyes. Spectrum has a strong customer base. Besides the local Surat market, the company is selling its products all across India and abroad.

All the industrial plants were introduced to us by Mr.Anil, Mr.Utkarsh, and Mr.Mukesh. They belonged to the safety & PR management Department in Spectrum Industry.

We were allowed to take a view at 3 different sections of their manufacturing units.

1. Raw Material storage unit

2. Disperse Dyes plant

3. Formulation Plant

The first  plant  we came across  at Spectrum was the powdered & liquid raw material storage plant. Mr. kashyap had started the discussion from Raw material storage unit. Separate material storage has been provided for liquid and solid materials. There were various raw materials which were used in the industry such as AMA, MMA, Methanol, Ethanol, Toluene, CNB, LL chloride, ENA, MNBA, MHA, DEMPA etc. They are having 36 ton storage capacity for the storage of it. The raw material storage plant was completely fire proof  & it was well equipped for emergency services.

The second plant we visited was the Disperse dye plant where we saw the manufacturing of Yellow Disperse Dye & Red Disperse Dye and the same has been discussed by Mr.Anil. There are total 8 reactors are there for 8 different color dye manufacturing made up of FRP or PP. These dyes are manufactured at (0-5°C) temperature in huge reactors having capacity of 30 Kilolitres. The raw materials used for these dyes are Animes, HCL as solvent & ice in the form of flakes (130 metric tonnes per day). Amines and 30% HCL react in reactor by ankle type stirrer at 0-50C Temp. Maintain this temp by ice flakes. Company Produced ice 130 ton/day. Filter press is used for removal of water.

The third plant we visited was the Formulatiom Plant where wet cake produced from the previous unit is transferred there and powdered dyes are produced using spray dryers. The plant contains sand mill in which is slurry has been fed to obtain reduced size of particles. Then spray dryers are used to produce complete dried product which is ready for packing. At Packaging unit, Powder form material is packed approximately 12bags/hour. Weight of each bag is 25kg with powdered dye. Company Produce 100+ shades of color dye.

The monthly production of Spectrum Industry is 150 tonnes. This industry stores more than 9 lakh water for fire safe hydrating points. So the industry is always ready to fight in case of emergency for continuous 2 hours. Construction of ETP was going on for the tertiary treatment of waste water for reuse of water. Safety system is excellent at Spectrum. The plant we visited helped us a lot in learning new things.